St. Peter and Paul Cemetery
Rules and Regulations

 1. Purchasers of lots, or single graves having made
 payment in full, will receive a Certificate of Easement,
 entitling them the use of said lots for burial of the
 dead. All burials shall require a vault or outside
 container and must comply with the rules of the

 2. Graves will be sold by the President or Treasurer,
 or someone designated by them, and they alone are
 authorized to issue a Certificate of Easement. They
 shall keep a record of the lot sales and payments.
 All burial permits shall be subject to rule three.

 3. To avoid all questions as to who is to be considered
 entitled to Catholic burial, approval must be procured
 from the Priest attesting the deceased is entitled to
 burial in Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery. In case of doubt
 the decision of the Bishop shall be final for the
 purpose aforesaid.

 4. No lot holder will be allowed to sell the whole or
 part of burial lot without permission of the Advisory
 Committee. A charge of 10% of the original purchase
 price will be made to the lot holder for the transfer.
 New purchaser will pay the current price.

 5. It shall not be permitted to inter in a lot anyone
 not a direct descendent or spouse of the lot holder,
 without the consent in writing of the owner of the lot,
 and payment of the sum charged for interment.

 6. Upon the death of the owner or part-owner of a lot,
 the title to said lot will descend to his or her heirs
 in equal undivided shares in accordance with the law
 of descent of the State of Ohio, unless said owner or
 part-owner has disposed of his or her interest by will.
 But the husband or wife of said owner will retain his
 or her right to be interred in said lot under all
 circumstances. In case where both parents are
 deceased and there remain vacant graves on the family
 lot, one of the children may obtain from the Advisory
 Committee the sole right of burial therein for his or
 her family upon payment of any unpaid balance due on
 the lot. This agreement should be made in writing by
 all the children of the deceased, and when an
 agreement cannot be made, the Advisory Committee,
 after receiving approval from the Pastor, may make
 such agreement with the members of the family.

 7. In the case of an interment error, the Advisory
 Committee will follow Ohio Revised Code 517.23(D).
 This code grants the Cemetery Advisory Committee
 authority to disinter and re-inter (or grant
 permission to do the same) to correct an interment
 error if the Cemetery Advisory Committee provides
 prior notice to the decedents last known next of kin.
 Should an interment error be found, both parties
 involved will be notified in writing of the error by
 the Cemetery Advisory Committee. No notice to or
 authority from any court is necessary.

 8. All limbs, infants, stillborn infants, and births
 terminated by miscarriage are to be given a Christian
 burial in an area designated by the Cemetery Advisory

 9. The poor of the Parish upon their decease will be
 interred free of charge where no provision for burial
 expense has been made. Lot site shall be selected,
 with the Pastor’s approval, by the Cemetery Advisory

 10. The Cemetery Advisory Committee will not be
 responsible for vandalism or damage to graves or
 markers through any action.

 11. Families may place flowers in pots on the graves
 of their respective lots. Flowers must be attached to
 the marker (non-hanging). Sod may not be removed
 from the top of the graves. Strict compliance with
 this rule will be enforced.

 12. The landmark, or corner post, indicating the
 boundaries of the lots will be set by the Cemetery
 Advisory Committee and same shall not be altered or
 13. The Winter season extends from November 15th
 to approximately March 1st and the Summer season
 extends from March 1st to approximately November
 15th. During the Winter season the following types
 of decorations are permitted: Bouquets or sprays
 of natural or artificial flowers in approved and
 firmly anchored containers. Winter wreaths that
 are securely anchored to the display device and/or
 to the ground. Grave blankets of an evergreen
 material that are flush with and securely anchored
 to the ground. Boxes or other devices beneath the
 blanket to elevate it are not permitted.

 14. No fence coping or enclosure of any kind will be
 permitted on burial lots. No glass containers. Boxes,
 shells, stones, toys and similar articles scattered
 upon graves and land are not consistent with proper
 keeping of the grounds and will not be permitted.

 15. The Cemetery Advisory Committee reserves the
 right to remove any  architectural ornaments, flowers,
 trees and shrubs from lots in cases where they
 become detrimental to adjacent lots (a safety
 hazard), or cause inconvenience to the Cemetery
 employees (no decorations shall be placed in front of
 or behind the markers). When such removals are
 requested by lot owners, the Cemetery Advisory
 Committee shall recommend to the Pastor whether
 removals are necessary and advisable.

 16. No lot shall be decorated by its owner or anyone
 else by the planting of trees, shrubs, or any type of
 plant except under the direction of the Cemetery
 Advisory Committee.

 17. No monument or improvement will be permitted on
 any lot against which there is an unpaid charge due
 the Cemetery Advisory Committee, which has been
 delinquent for an unreasonable and indefinite period
 of time.

 18. All ordinary work in the care of lots will be done
 by the Cemetery Advisory Committee. Extra work will
 be performed by the Cemetery Advisory Committee at
 the expense of the lot owners, when ordered. Payment
 for same must be made in advance.

 19. All persons contracted to work in the cemetery in
 the construction of vaults, erection of monuments,
 etc., shall cooperate with the Cemetery Advisory
 Committee, and if they shall fail or refuse to comply
 with the regulations of the Cemetery Advisory
 Committee, the Committee reserves the right to make a
 recommendation to the Pastor denying that person or
 persons work in the cemetery in the future.
 20. Foundations for monuments must be in accordance
 with size of monument and according to the Cemetery
 rules. Inscriptions and designs for monuments and
 head stones must be submitted to the Cemetery
 Advisory Committee for recommendation of approval.
 No monuments may be placed in wet season. Only one
 monument will be allowed on any grave.
 A) Prices of all grave sites shall be as determined
 by the Cemetery Advisory Committee at the annual
 meeting with the approval of Pastor.

 B) Maximum of one regular type burial (not cremation)
 per grave site. Includes all grave sites (baby, child
 and adult sections), also both old and new sections.

 C) Maximum of two burials (cremation type) per grave
 site if BOTH are cremated. Price of grave site remains
 the same.

 D) Size of grave markers (except in old section,
 which has upright markers) and only one marker per
 grave: FLAT MARKERS: Baby 8” x 16” no vase; or Baby
 10” x 4” no vase; Child 8” x 16” no vase; Single Adult
 14” x 24” one vase; Double Adult 14” x 44” or 13” x
 44” one vase. These marker sizes remain the same and
 uniform for perspective sections, even if burial is
 double cremation.

 E) Stone Restrictions for Double’s that you are
 allowed to have in section E:
 Maximum Height of 36” Tall
 Maximum Width of 16” Wide (Base of Stone)
 Maximum Length of 5’ Long
 Stone Restrictions for Single’s that you are allowed
 to have in section E:
 Maximum Height of 36” Tall
 Maximum Width of 16” Wide (Base of Stone)
 Maximum Length of 3’ Long

 22. These rules and regulations may change as the
 need arises.
 Cemetery Advisory Committee Members:
 President John Tenwalde 419-523-5355
 Vice President Virgil Bellman 419-523-5625
 Secretary Marlene Niese 419-523-4965
 Treasurer Ethel Walker 419-523-3010
 Groundskeeper Al Laubenthal
 Trustees Walter Trenkamp 419-523-4220
 David Laudick 419-523-5559
 Jeff Wautters
 For purchase of grave site contact the Treasurer or
 the President of the Cemetery Advisory Committee.

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