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 11. Families may place flowers in pots on the graves
 of their respective lots. Flowers must be attached to
 the marker (non-hanging). Sod may not be removed
 from the top of the graves. Strict compliance with
 this rule will be enforced.

  13. The Winter season extends from November 15th
 to approximately March 1st and the Summer season
 extends from March 1st to approximately November
 15th. During the Winter season the following types
 of decorations are permitted: Bouquets or sprays
 of natural or artificial flowers in approved and
 firmly anchored containers. Winter wreaths that
 are securely anchored to the display device and/or
 to the ground. Grave blankets of an evergreen
 material that are flush with and securely anchored
 to the ground. Boxes or other devices beneath the
 blanket to elevate it are not permitted.

 These rules and regulations may change as the
 need arises.
 If you have need for the complete Rules List,
 contact the President of the Cemetery Advisory

 Cemetery Advisory Committee Members:
 President: Al Laubenthal 419-234-4069
 Vice President: Urban Lauf 419-523-5452
 Secretary: Kimberly Hunt 419-615-3761
 Treasurer : Ethel Walker 419-523-3010
 Trustees: John Tenwalde 419-523-5355
 Virgil Bellman 419-523-5625
 Walt Trenkamp 419-523-4220
 Ron Pohlman 419-523-4897
 Robert Fawcett 419-523-3364
 Jeff Wautters 419-384-3306
 Orville Verhoff 419-523-6185
 Kevin Niese 419-236-9085
 Eddie Alt 419-523-3497

 For purchase of grave site contact the Treasurer or
 the President of the Cemetery Advisory Committee.

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