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Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery History
NOTE: April 2017 The Putnam County Auditor's Office shows that the Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery is comprised of 6 parcels of land totaling 15.31 acres. Dates were confirmed by viewing the Warranty Deeds on file at the Courthouse. (Special Thanks an employee at the Recorder's Office and the Engineer's Office.)
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Some of the facts were taken from the “Chronicle of Sts. Peter and Paul Parish” written in 1936 by the Rev. Vigilius H. Krull, C.PP.S. (1922-1942). 1876 Our first pastor, Rev. Frederick Schalk, C.PP.S. (1873-1876), informed the people a provision should be made for a parish cemetery. A deed was signed for the purchase of 2 acres of land, known as Lot 1 on February 1st, 1876, costing $397.50. It was recorded on 14th day of February, 1876. In March of 1876 he bought 2.5 acres of land southwest of the Blanchard River. A deed was signed for the purchase, as an addition to Lot 1, on March 6th, 1876, costing $360.25. It was recorded on 7th day of March, 1876. The first burials were made in 1876. They are listed in alphabetical order. The exact burial dates are not known, only the year. Two burials show 1875 as the death date on the tombstone. St. John's cemetery in Glandorf, Ohio shows Anthony, Sarah Viola and Sarah Jane as burials in that cemetery. No records are availabe to tell if they were moved to Sts. Peter and Paul cemetery when it started in 1876. The Kober Monument lists them. It is located in Area 1, Row 4, Lot 19 at Sts. Peter and Paul. DUMONT Jacob 1817-1876 FUERST Othilia 1832-1876 KOBER Sarah Viola 1875-1875 KOBER Sarah Jane (Moffit) 1839-1875 KOBER Anthony 1805-1876 OBERLE Johanne Guste 1876-1876 SCHIERLOH Henry F. 1876-1876 1882 Our third pastor, Rev. Rudolph Abbrederis (1878-1883), Oversaw the placement of a beautiful monument, designed and built by the Kistner - Ouebbemann Co. in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was erected in the cemetery at a cost of $650.00. Very Rev. Felix Boff consecrated the cemetery in 1882
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1930-1931 Our ninth pastor, Rev. V. H. Krull, C.PP.S. (1922-1942), administered many improvements to the cemetery. Extensive improvements were made in 1930. A beautiful crucifix was erected. Donations to the crucifixion monument were given by: J.H. Unterbrink - $100.00, Coletta Rothman - $50.00 Rev. V. H. Krull, C.PP.S - $25.00, Elizabeth Morsches - $25.00, Blessed Virgin Sodality - $25.00, Christian Mothers - $25.00, B.A. Unverferth - $15.00, C.L. of C. - $10.00, B. H. Heringhaus - $10.00, W. A. Buetler - $10.00, Weaver Family - $10.00, Ladies Auxiliary - $5.00, Ideal Club - $5.00, Charles F. Huber - $5.00.
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1931 Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery received extra attention. A well 103 feet deep was dug and a pump installed to furnish water for the flowers and shrubbery on the cemetery and a wholesome drink for the thirsty. 1955 Rev. Joseph Reitz, our 11th pastor, purchased additional acres. A deed was signed for the purchase of 11.2 acres of land. Lots 2 & 3 on October 3rd, 1955, costing $20,000, recorded October 5th, 1955. This brings the cemetery total to 15.31 acres. 1979 The first Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery Association was formed in April of 1979.

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